Melissa & Chris Wedding


Melissa & Chris

April 14, 2018
Chateau Cocomar

On Saturday, April 14th, Melissa and Chris joined together with family and friends to show their love for each other as they became husband and wife. The couple recited their vows at the most elegant and chic wedding located at Chateau Cocomar. Being surrounded by gorgeous french architecture and whimsical light, it provided the perfect fairytale backdrop for Melissa and Chris’ big day!

While meeting in college, at the University of Houston, Melissa and Chris quickly began dating in 2015. Throughout their relationship, the two recognized how much timing meant to them and how everything really falls into place. A year later, Melissa and Chris received the keys to their very first house, where Chris then got down on one knee and popped the question! Melissa was in complete surprise when they walked into their new home, as an engaged couple, to find their families waiting to congratulate them!


“Timing is everything for us and everything just fell into place the two and a half years leading up to this special day” – Melissa


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