What Else Can We Do For You?

Custom Framing

Pixel Studio Productions not only takes beautiful photographs, but we are proud to be one of very few studios to also offer our clients the ability to design and order custom frames online.  Our selection of frames and matting is one of the largest in Houston, and our prices are competitive, with choices to match every budget.  Whether your desired look is elegant and classy or urban and arty, you’re sure to find the perfect finishing touches to display your photo with our custom framing options.

Frames are generally available for pick-up within 7 days of finalizing your order.  For an additional charge, your frames can be expedited and available for pick-up within 3 days of finalizing your order.

Examples of framing choices include:      

Styles: art, period, portrait, poster
Material: fabric covered, gold/silver leaf & karat, metallic, wood
Special Touches: burls, hand-carved accents, personalization, special finishes

Examples of matting choices include:

Styles: fabric covered, faux finishes, French
Age-Proofing: museum quality, preservation-ready
Special Touches: decorative cuts, embossing

Photo Restoration

Houston Photo Restoration

Bring your old photos back to life! Our photo restoration services can restore your photos to their original quality or better.

Our photo restoration services can repair faded, aged, cracked, scratched or water damaged photos while correcting the color and contrast. Backgrounds or people can be inserted or removed, colors changed – the possibilities are limited by your imagination.

We will give you a free estimate when you bring in your photos!

Video Transfer

Do you have VHS tapes that you would love to watch but don’t have a VCR? We can transfer them!

We also do Beta transfer and 8mm transfer. All tapes and film are transferred to DVD format.
Digital Video Conversion, VHS to DVD, Audio Conversion, Photo Restoration, all right here at our studio in Houston, Texas. We also do photo restoration and custom framing,
but most importantly, a fast turnaround for any project we undertake.


1 week turnaround

1 – 14 tapes

15 – 49 tapes




1 week turnaround

1 – 14 tapes

15 – 49 tapes




2-3 week turnaround

3″ wheel

5″ wheel

5″ wheel




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