Guide To Picking Professional Corporate Headshots

by | Jan 12, 2023


Corporate headshots are essential for job applicants, particularly in today’s digital age. Visible photos are now a requirement of most jobs, so it makes sense to take professional headshots as an applicant. If you’re looking to land that new position or have your resume highlighted, taking professional shots can help you meet those needs. A good corporate headshot is a difference between landing that perfect job interview or getting passed over for an equally ideal role. So if you’re wondering what makes a professional corporate headshot and why you should invest in one today? Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about taking a great corporate headshot—and where to find the best photographers for your needs!

What is a corporate headshot?

A corporate headshot is essentially a professional photo of yourself to be used in job-seeking or professional applications.

If you’re a job applicant, you’ll likely want your headshot to show up on the top of a human resource (HR) manager’s inbox.

 Professional Corporate Headshots

That way, the manager sees your headshot, not just your resume.

If you’re marketing your company, you’ll want to include headshots of your staff in your marketing materials. That way, potential customers don’t just see a company logo, but also see who works for it.

Why do you need headshots for? There are a few reasons!

3 Things to Look For in a Corporate Headshot

– Proper lighting – A corporate headshot is essentially a representation of your personality. That means you want to show the world who you really are.

So when it comes to picking out a corporate headshot, you want to ensure it’s the right lighting for your face. Half of your face is always lost in shadow, so make sure to pick a light that highlights your cheekbones, but doesn’t make your forehead too dark.


 Professional Corporate Headshots

Another thing to look out for is shadows. Make sure to pick a lighting style that doesn’t create a severe shadow across your face. This will make it appear as though you’re squinting or looking directly into the camera. This is not a good look.

– Proper attire – You’ll want to make sure to wear a suit or business attire when a professional headshot is being taken, but you don’t want to overdo it. You’re looking to ensure you look your best, yet you don’t want to look like you walked out the door in full-on business attire. It’s a fine line.

Make sure to choose an outfit that fits your professional image. Choosing something that doesn’t fit with your professional image will likely result in photos that don’t reflect your personality.

Keep in mind, you want to pick out an outfit that is complimentary to your skin tone.

 Professional Corporate Headshots photographer

You don’t want to pick out an outfit that clashes with your skin tone. If you pick out an outfit that isn’t complimenting your skin tone, it will likely look very unnatural when it comes to your corporate headshot.

– Composition – When it comes to composition, you want to make sure it looks natural and not stiff. You don’t want to appear as though you’re posing for the camera.

You want to ensure your corporate headshot has a natural-looking composition. While you may want to stand straight-faced in your corporate headshot, you don’t want to pose as though you’re posing for the camera.

Finding the right photographer for your needs

There are a variety of photographers out there who can take a corporate headshot but finding the right one can be tricky.

When looking for a photographer, you want to make sure they specialize in corporate headshots.

 Professional Corporate Headshots equipment

This is the best way to ensure your headshot is posed in a way that looks natural and doesn’t make you look stiff or posed.

If you’re searching for a photographer online and you’re in a bit of a rush, there are a few things you can do to help narrow down your search.

– Ask for recommendations – One of the best ways to find the best photographer for your needs is by asking others for recommendations. This is a great way to ensure potential photographers know you well enough to offer a recommendation. If you know a few friends who are looking for a photographer, ask them for a recommendation.

You can also look online for photographers who specialize in corporate headshots. This is also a great way to ensure you’re narrowing down your search to the right types of photographers.

– Look at past work – Another tip is to look at the work of other photographers and see what you like in their work.

 man smiling for Professional Corporate Headshot session

While it’s a bit of a gut feeling, looking at the photographer’s past work can help you narrow down your search to the right photographers.

You can also look at the photographer’s portfolio and see what types of shots they take. If they have a variety of images in their portfolio, it means they’re likely versatile enough to handle your needs.

Why use a professional photographer?

When it comes to taking your corporate headshot, there are a few reasons why you should use a professional photographer.

– Experience – It’s important to ensure the photographer taking your corporate headshot is experienced. If you choose a photographer who is new to the industry, you’re likely going to receive subpar work.

– Equipment – Another important factor to ensure your corporate headshot is taken is the equipment they use.

 Professional Corporate Headshot session with women smiling in front of white board

Make sure to choose a photographer who uses modern, high-quality equipment. This ensures your photos are high quality and don’t look low-budget.

– Pricing – Last, but certainly not least, you want to ensure the photographer taking your corporate headshot is experienced and uses high-quality equipment. A great photographer will be able to guide you through the process and help you pick out a great outfit. They may also offer discounted rates or packages that include headshots, makeup, or hair styling.


It’s essential to have a professional corporate headshot as part of your job-seeking strategy. The right headshot can have a major impact on where you end up in the job market, so it’s worth the time, effort, and money to find the best photographer for your needs.




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