Houston Museum of Natural Science

Houston Museum of Natural Science

Located in the heart of Houston’s Museum District, the Houston Museum of Natural Science is one of the city’s most visited attractions. The facility houses more than one million objects and features several permanent exhibitions that are arranged across four floors. The facility also hosts world-class touring exhibitions. These exhibits are sure to entertain the entire family.

The first floor features seven dioramas that replicate natural habitats. These are designed to teach visitors about the different kinds of animal life that live in these environments. The dioramas are filled with information about various native species, as well as invasive species that are making their way into the area.

The second floor features the Morian Hall of Paleontology, which is one of the largest paleontology halls in the nation. The hall features an extensive collection of fossils. Some of the exhibits on this floor include the Denversaurus and Wyrex Tyrannosaurus. The Hall of Ancient Egypt was opened in May 2013 and is home to millennia-old artifacts. The Museum offers excellent guided tours for its visitors.

The third floor is dedicated to the Earth and Space Science Department. The area includes a planet-probing Earth Forum, which enables guests to see a 3-D projection of Houston. The area also has interactive KHOU meteorology displays, which offer information about the weather in the area. The museum also has a wall-sized periodic table, which showcases every element in the universe.

The fourth floor is the African Wildlife Hall, which features over 70 species of animals. These include Okapi, a lowland gorilla, spotted hyaenas, Gerenuks, Rock Hyraxes, and more.

The fourth and fifth floors house the museum’s permanent collections. These are available for free on Thursday afternoons. The museum has also partnered with the Texas Aquarium to allow visitors to view a variety of Texas species. A number of exhibits are designed to be accompanied by an audio guide, which makes it easier for guests to absorb the vast amount of information. A great place to also visit is.

The Museum of Natural Science also offers several a la carte options. Visitors can purchase tickets for film screenings, classroom education programs, and special exhibitions. The Museum has a large gift store that carries jewelry and other products made in the area. In addition, visitors can find pop-up retail shops for special exhibitions.

The Houston Museum of Natural Science is open daily, from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., and is wheelchair accessible. It is located on the edge of Hermann Park. The Museum is also a participant in the Houston CityPASS, which allows visitors to save money. The Houston Museum of Natural Science is one of the most popular museums in the United States. It is visited by more than two million visitors annually.

In the summer, the Museum offers camps for kids of all ages. It also has a robust group programming program, so there are plenty of opportunities for groups to create a unique event that is memorable. The Museum also hosts world-class touring exhibitions throughout the year. Check this out

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