How should I do my makeup and hair for headshots?

by | Sep 26, 2022


 You have most likely had this concern prior to: “How should I do my cosmetics and hair for my headshots?”  There is nothing to stress about, I will discuss with you exactly what you need to understand.  The next time you show up for your headshot visit you will be confident that your makeup is on point.

Let’s start off by discussing headshot cosmetics.  Have you ever considered what a headshot is for?  Of course, we think headshots are what we use to get work, right?  This holds true, however, an excellent headshot is to show a recent snapshot of you to a casting director.  In this photo, your skin, hair, and eye color must be true.  A headshot is not a glamour shot or fashion headshot.  The purpose is not to reveal you in a remarkable picture but in your natural kind.

The skin must constantly be fresh and tidy.


Headshot makeup

I suggest going really light on your structure and applying little to no blush.  The secret is minimal makeup.  You require just enough to level skin tones.  Lips need to constantly be matte and your natural skin color.  Do not have glossy lips.  The shine can be distracting.

Now let’s speak about the eyelashes and eyebrows.  Remember, headshots are 50-megapixel close-ups of your face.  Eyelashes can be terrific when you are in person and people see you from afar, however, in a headshot, they can seem distracting.  If you are going to wear eyelashes have songs placed on by an expert.  Most of the time stripes look fake.  They likewise tend to fall off from time to time throughout a shoot.  And when used incorrectly, stripes tend to show excess glue.

Hair is the hardest part of a headshot.

Headshot makeup

It ought to be simple to recreate and something you would use for casting.

You should appear like your headshot when you go to castings.  Do not go over the top and do something to your hair that you do not plan to do when you go to castings.  Another crucial thing to remember is to show your face.  A terrific headshot shows your facial structure (both cheekbones, and complete jawline).  You do not desire the hair to conceal your face.

If you intend on shooting outside, it is good to account for the wind.  Most days there will be wind. So if you like the outdoor backgrounds, plan on a hairdo that works well in the wind.  You can put your hair up or partially up.  Absolutely intend on utilizing a lot of hairsprays to set your hair and prevent flyaways.

In Summary: Light structure Little to no blush blending Lips ought to be matte and your natural lip color Eyelashes must be natural or singles No strip eyelashes Hang out plucking Hair needs to not hide your jawline and cheekbones If shooting outdoors choose hairstyles that do well in the wind

I hope this section helped to describe some basics of how you should do your cosmetics and hair for headshots.


Headshot makeup



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