How To Prepare for a Corporate Headshot Session

Getting a corporate headshot is an important way to create a first impression with potential clients, business partners, employers, and employees. The reality is, we all judge a book by its cover, whether we want to admit it or not. You only have one chance to make a good impression, and today that can mean a photo on social media or a website.

The usage of hiring potential through LinkedIn is increasing as hiring manager’s lean towards the professional social media platform to look for job candidates. Social media profiles with a photo are seven times more likely to be clicked. And professional-looking headshots make it easier for recruiters to remember who you are!

Along with social media, headshots can be used on company websites to introduce their team. This can create a first impression from your potential clients! Headshots are also used for newsletters, press releases, and annual reports.

Below are some ways to prepare for getting a corporate headshot:

Location, Location, Location!

Professional Headshot Houston

Decide on the appropriate location. There are usually two different options when it comes to where your corporate headshot should be taken: inside or outside. You have multiple color options for backdrops when having your headshots taken inside, however black or white appear more clean and professional. Getting your professional headshot taken outside adds a more natural feel to your photo, without taking away from your professionalism. If you are getting a headshot for your company, they may have a preference of the shooting location.

What To Wear

Professional Indoor Headshot

Deciding what to wear is an important factor when taking corporate headshots. It shows a level of professionalism and can raise perceptions of your capability and influence. Check out our previous blog posts of what to wear during a corporate headshot for men and women.

Know Your Angles

Indoor Professional Headshot

Not knowing how to act in front of a camera is normal, so don’t worry! Before your corporate headshot, practice in the mirror. Know which side you prefer and what makes you comfortable. But don’t forget a mirror flips and a camera does not!

Don’t Forget To Smile!

Outdoor Corporate Headshot

Don’t treat getting your headshot as a chore; it will affect the end results! Treat your headshot session as if you are meeting someone for the first time. The most important thing to avoid is dead-eye syndrome; where your mouth is smiling but your eyes say, “I’d rather be somewhere else”. If you’re not into, people will be able to tell through your photo.

Lastly, don’t forget to update your corporate headshot at least yearly! Switching out your headshot when your physical appearance changes maintains your creditability and the appearance of self-confidence.

From the amount of time it took to plan, schedule vendors, set up tables, and prepare yourself for your upcoming event, don’t forget to book your photographer! After all your hard work in preparing your event, you’ll want to have evidence after it’s over. No matter what your event entails, hiring a professional event photographer gives you a lot of benefits to, not only your event, but also your guests and future business development.

Making Memories

Many guests would love to remember all the best parts of the event, which can be difficult. Having professional photography at your corporate event allows having these memories to look back on. Prints of these moments can also be used as gifts if there are special speakers at your event. If there is a high profile speaker, you’ll want professional quality photos!

Outdoor Event Houston Photography Meet and Greet Houston Photography

Houston Event Professional Photography Corporate Event Photography Houston

Professional Product Shots

If your event focuses on launching a product, you will want it to look the best it can. Professional quality photos of your products can always come in handy!

Product Photography Houston Professional Product Photography

Future Marketing Content

With digital marketing being a huge factor in business today, the incorporation of images into content is more ideal. Viewers take in visual images more quickly than plain text, and it allows for them to remember the content for a longer amount of time.

Event Photography Houston

The photos that you receive from your event can be used to promote your business in the future. Professional event photography delivers results that you’ll be able to post great quality photos on your website and social media!

Professional Houston Event Photography

Here’s a few ways to utilize your corporate event photography:

  • Social media! Images from your event is the best way to keep your social media active.
  • If your event takes place yearly, you can use your photos for invitations! Weather you print them, make them digital, or use it into a Facebook event; you’ll have the perfect base for your content.
  • Using event photography can enhance the professionalism of your website and keep it freshly updated.
  • If you, or your business, have a blog, this is the best time to use your event photography! You can recap all of the moments that you had, and post a nice picture of it. This will also boost your SEO.

We use photographs as a time capsule to look back on the past and capturing these moments is important!

If you have a corporate event coming up, you’ll want to capture it with a professionally shot corporate video! Event video coverage is the best way to build your online presence and to get people interested in what you do.

The Carlos Beltran Foundation Gala themed with A Night in Old San Juan. The Carlos Beltran Foundation is dedicated to promoting education through the Carlos Beltran Baseball Academy

The Impact on Your Business

Getting corporate videos created help within different marketing factors of your company. It’s proven that videos engage an audience up to 250% more! In this digital economy, a video encourages the change from text to visuals. The majority of target audiences are visual learners and they retain more information of what is seen, rather than what is read! Video marketing trends show that this is the way many employees, especially Millennials and Centennials, prefer to learn new ideas.

In addition, corporate event videos encourage more than just text to share. You can simply post plain text all over your company’s social media, or switch it up and post a video! This allows for more exposure on your social media channels.

JSW Steel shows it’s facility as the largest pipe division in DSAW mills in the world.

Why To Hire a Professional Videographer

Hiring a professional videographer to shoot your corporate video is extremely important! Professionally shot and edited content provides a quality look to reflect your company. This shows your audience the amount of dedication and quality you seek in everything you do.

It isn’t just about filming! A professional videographer knows how to edit too. They are experienced in mixing together each shot with different sounds, while adding music and different transitional effects and graphics in order to create a unique video that relates to your company or event.

Corporate video production allows your company to communicate with clients and customers, update product information, or as a tool to announce new products and services. Getting your corporate event professionally recorded allows an opportunity to tell your audience a story: about your company, about the importance of an event, or even help reflect the image of your company!

It’s Mother’s Day this weekend and we’re celebrating the precious moments to share with your mom on your wedding day! Sure, it’s your day, but it’s a milestone for her as she watches her child leap into the married life. Our team of Houston wedding photographers composed this article to share the inspiration from our brides that adds a little appreciation to your mother to make your wedding day extra special!

Getting Ready


The moments spent before the ceremony are the moments she will remember too. Don’t get flustered if she’s being a typical mom, let her help you get ready!

Something Borrowed

As the tradition of mothers passing down their wedding gown is decreasing, you can still find ways to incorporate her special day into yours. If she’s willing to make a cut in her dress, you can easily stitch a small piece to the inside of your wedding dress! Or use the fabric as extra detailing around your bouquet.

If she isn’t ready to manipulate her wedding dress, you can always wear her wedding veil or a special piece of her jewelry. You need something borrowed anyway, right?

Let Her Walk You Down the Aisle

In typical tradition, the father-of-the-bride walks the bride down the aisle. Why not ask your mom to tag along? She’s giving you away just as much as your father, and it still shows the official tradition of receiving a blessing from the bride’s family to the groom.

First Look Photos

A lot of newlyweds are capturing first look photos (see more trends to copy in 2018) to capture the first time the groom sees his bride. This is also a great idea to do with your mother! Before you put the finishing touches of your look together, tell her to step out of the room, then go surprise her when you’re ready!

Dance With Her

There’s a first dance, a father-daughter dance, and a mother-son dance. Grooms, dedicate a special song to your mother as you invite her to dance. Brides, you can have a mother-daughter dance as well! Sharing this moment will make her evening even more special.

Every day is a chance to honor all mothers! They’ve helped us in all stages of life and supported us along the way. Mother’s at weddings, we salute you, for your kindness, your beauty, and for your love for your children. Happy Mother’s Day to all!

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