Simi + Marc | A Three Day Extravaganza

Simi and Marc kicked off the beginning of spring with a marriage celebration, that captured the couple’s exuberant personalities, in a fun-filled three days full of celebration. On April 5th, they started with a Zoroastrian ceremony, a traditional Parsi ceremony to celebrate the union between the bride and groom!

The next day, we followed Simi and Marc to Chateau Crystale for a lively Sangeet, a pre-wedding event where they commemorated the opening celebration for their wedding. The day of the Sangeet happened to be Marc’s birthday where Simi surprised him with their pug, Jerry, since he wouldn’t be able to be a part of the actual ceremony!

And on April 7th, they came together for their wedding ceremony. It took place at The Citadel, a luxurious venue featuring open spaces and romantic lighting, which created the most elegant scenery for their ceremony!

Simi and Marc had been friends since they attended the University of Houston, but didn’t actually start dating until after they graduated. One day Marc reached out to Simi, and their relationship was built from there!

Marc planned to propose to Simi on a Seattle trip they had coming up. However, one night while they went out to dinner, to celebrate both of their birthdays with their families, Marc spontaneously decided that that was the night. Without Simi having any idea, he had family members go pick up the ring on the way to the restaurant. After dinner, Marc took Simi to the outside patio, which was already set up with romantic lighting, where he got down on one knee and popped the question! Of course, Simi didn’t believe it, it was April Fools! But he had the ring so she knew he was serious. It happened to be the perfect timing, since both of their families were there and they could celebrate together!

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