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Do you provide your services outside Houston TX?

We can travel as needed! While we mainly service the Greater Houston area, we’d be happy to consider surrounding areas and more distant locations. However, as travelling requires additional expenses, we may need to ask you to cover them.

When can I expect my pictures to be ready?

We can send you completed images within 7-10 days via Dropbox. We can send you the first drafts in a couple of days after the photoshoot, then you can request any edits to make the project exactly what you want it to be.

What is architectural photography?

Architectural photography brings buildings to life by immortalizing the work of skilled architects in photographs. With its main objective to spark intrigue and interest in commercial, historical, residential, and cultural sites, architectural photography creates high-impact images of buildings and other designed.


Typically, architectural photographs are used in commercial purposes for publications, brochures and websites, as well as for portfolios of professional architects.


Architectural photography is divided into interior and exterior photography.


Interior architectural photography uses both available natural and artificial lighting that can be adjusted or controlled. Typically, indoor photographs will be taken with a wide-angle lens to create a complete picture and feature all important aesthetic elements.


Exterior architectural photography similarly makes use of available light, but it also includes a structure’s surrounding environment. Much like a cinematic shot from a film, an exterior photograph shows signature lines and architectural features alongside naturally occurring landscape and sky to authentically represent the environment.

Architectural photography vs real estate photography - what is the difference?

Architectural photography service is generally used to create attractive and artistic images for an interior designer’s or architect’s portfolio, marketing campaign, or sentimental reasons. This type of photography generally requires more time to complete a shoot compared to real estate photography in order to make optimal use of the space, light, and composition. Architectural photography is detail-oriented and thorough in the sense that it aims to represent its subject in an authentic and undistorted fashion. However, especially when photos are meant to be used in commercial purposes, certain details can be strongly highlighted in order to present the advantages of a building.


Meanwhile, real estate photography is comparably less focused on storytelling and is more centered on selling the building. Typically, realtors and advertisers use real estate photos to give a suitable first impression of a property to interested buyers. A real estate photographer generally uses a considerably wide lens to photograph indoor spaces, which can distort the dimensions of objects to convey space and make the room appear larger in the photograph. Because the products of real estate photography are meant to sell a property, the photographs have little value as art.


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