4 Reasons You NEED Professional Images of your Products

The minute clients see your products, you want to grab their attention! With many companies offering similar products as yours, you’ll want to stand out in the sea of online content. In today’s world, using a professional photographer to capture your products is the best marketing tool you can have on hand! Below are our top four reasons you NEED professional images of your products:

1. Give your clients something to show!

With 65% of the population being visual learners – people want to SEE what they’re getting. Use your new images to keep your website up to date with your products so more clients reach out!

High-quality product image showcasing multiple angles and unique features with consistent lighting and background.

Showcase your product images with professional photography, highlighting all angles and unique features for maximum impact.

Close-up shot of a product highlighting its unique features and high-resolution details.

Highlight your product’s unique features with detailed close-up shots that captivate and inform customers.

Close-up image of a product showing detailed craftsmanship and unique features.

Capture the essence of your product’s craftsmanship with detailed close-up images.

2. Content, Content, Content!

Having professional photos of your products gives you the freedom to showcase what you’re offering on your website and social media! Having these high-resolution photos are also great for creating online ads.

3. Showcase your images in the best way!

Great product images can make all the difference in attracting and retaining customers. Start by hiring a professional photographer to capture high-quality photos that highlight your product’s best features, making them irresistible.

Show your product from multiple angles and include close-ups to give customers a complete view. Use high-resolution images so customers can zoom in and see the details clearly, enhancing their shopping experience.

Incorporate lifestyle shots to show your products in use, helping customers visualize how they’ll fit into their lives. Ensure your images look great on all platforms, from your website to social media, by optimizing them for each.

Consistency is key. Use consistent lighting and backgrounds for a professional and cohesive look. Edit your images to enhance them but keep it natural to avoid looking fake. Highlight what makes your products special by using close-ups to show unique features.

Help customers understand the size of your products by including objects or people for reference. If your products come in different colors or styles, show them all to help customers make informed choices.

By using professional photos, showing all angles, and highlighting unique features, you can make sure your products look their best and attract more customers. Great images sell products, so invest in showcasing them the right way.


4. The numbers don’t lie!

With professional images showcasing your products, customers are more likely to purchase your products! 75% of online shoppers rely solely on product photos when deciding on a purchase. Increase your sales with our photographs!

Every eCommerce product we work on is unique to you and your brand. What to know more about us? Meet your product photographer, Christa!

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