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What is real estate photography?

The main objective of this type of photography service is to create clean and compelling photos of a property listing that will attract potential buyers and help you finalize a great home sale or other real estate transaction.


While other approaches are experimental, artistic, or flashy, real estate photography focuses on highlighting the strong sides of a building to present it in the best possible light.


Normally, real estate photographers will use a wider lens for indoor spaces to give an impression of a larger space of a room, and include the majority of a room in the same shot. Often, the photos will be taken from an angle that mimics the viewer taking a tour of the property. A typical real estate photo session takes around an hour and a half, but larger properties require more time.


The property’s exterior will be shot with the intention to include all features and represent the curb appeal of the property appropriately. Aerial or drone shots may be used to include beautiful landscapes, a pool, large square footage, or other selling points.

What is elevated real estate photography?

Elevated real estate photography means taking pictures when the camera is positioned between 10 to 30 feet in the air in order to create a camera angle that is considerably higher than the average line of sight. A typical photograph is leveled between 5 to 6 feet from the ground, which puts the angle at street level. However, not every property’s characteristics are best communicated from this view. You may need elevated photography if your property is blocked by a fence or landscaping. By raising the camera’s height with a drone or pole, the resulting photo will give a more accurate view of your property’s exterior.

What is the pricing for real estate photography services?

Professional real estate photography costs vary depending on factors like the property’s square footage, number of photographs needed, time the photoshoot takes, and other similar variables. In Texas, small photo packages can range from $90-$165 for properties under 2,000 square feet. Rates for larger properties can stretch near $300-$400. Contact us for a more accurate estimate.

Do you provide your realtor photography services only within Houston TX?

We would be happy to work with you if you live in or outside of Houston! Although we offer our services largely to the Greater Houston residents, we can travel to its surrounding areas, throughout Texas and farther. However, if it’s far enough, we may need to ask you to cover our transportation expenses. Give us a call to talk about your property’s location and what the project would involve.

When can I expect my pictures to be ready?

We can have your completed photos delivered via a Dropbox download link within 7-10 days after our shoot.

Have you received any real estate photography awards?

Yes! Pixel Studio Productions was featured in a Real Estate Bees’ list as one of the top 10 best real estate photographers in Houston, TX.


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