7 Headshot Outfit Tips for Women

Consider these things when choosing your headshot outfit:

1.Do I want an indoor or outdoor photo? The difference between the two can be drastic. 

headshot outfitsHeadshot outfits


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2. What kind of work do I do? What do I want to convey?

Your clothing worn to the headshot session greatly depends on this!

Here are some clothing choices based on profession:

Realtor, lawyer, business professional:  A blouse or dress with a jacket

Doctor, dentist, nurse, or medical professional: Outfit 1: Scrubs or doctor’s coat, Outfit 2: A blouse or dress.

Personal trainer: Matching/bright workout clothing

Small (casual) business owner: A blouse, tank, or dress with a cardigan


3. Colors

If you know a certain color looks great with your skin tone, wear that of course! If you aren’t sure what’s going to work, neutrals and jewel tones are always a great go-to!

4. Accessories

Accessories like jewelry and scarves are great for everyday life, not for headshots! Keep accessories to a minimum to keep the focus on you.

professional headshot outfit

5. Hair & Makeup

Make sure your hair and makeup is done and touched up before your session. Editing goes a long way but can only go so far! If you are unsure on how to style your hair or makeup, as your photographer for a MUA recommendation.

6. Go for versatility

If you have the option to do multiple outfits, go for it! But if this isn’t an option or you just don’t want to plan several outfits, wear a blouse or dress with a jacket or cardigan. Do half of your session with the jacket/cardigan on and half with it off so you have two looks to pick from.

casual headshot outfit7. Ask your photographer

If you are absolutely unsure, always ask your photographer. They should be happy to help!


Lastly, always wear something you are confident and comfortable in! I can’t stress this enough. If you’re uncomfortable, the camera will pick it up!

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