Reasons Why Your Corporate Event Needs a Videographer

If you have a corporate event coming up, you’ll want to capture it with a professionally shot corporate video! Pixel Studio’s Event video coverage is the best way to build your online presence and to get people interested in what you do.

The Carlos Beltran Foundation Gala themed with A Night in Old San Juan. The Carlos Beltran Foundation is dedicated to promoting education through the Carlos Beltran Baseball Academy

The Impact on Your Business

Getting corporate videos created help within different marketing factors of your company. It’s proven that videos engage an audience up to 250% more! In this digital economy, a video encourages the change from text to visuals. The majority of target audiences are visual learners and they retain more information of what is seen, rather than what is read! Video marketing trends show that this is the way many employees, especially Millennials and Centennials, prefer to learn new ideas.

In addition, corporate event videos encourage more than just text to share. You can simply post plain text all over your company’s social media, or switch it up and post a video! This allows for more exposure on your social media channels.

JSW Steel shows it’s facility as the largest pipe division in DSAW mills in the world.

Why To Hire a Professional Videographer

Hiring a professional videographer to shoot your corporate video is extremely important! Professionally shot and edited content provides a quality look to reflect your company. This shows your audience the amount of dedication and quality you seek in everything you do.

It isn’t just about filming! A professional videographer knows how to edit too. They are experienced in mixing together each shot with different sounds, while adding music and different transitional effects and graphics in order to create a unique video that relates to your company or event.

Corporate video production allows your company to communicate with clients and customers, update product information, or as a tool to announce new products and services. Getting your corporate event professionally recorded allows an opportunity to tell your audience a story: about your company, about the importance of an event, or even help reflect the image of your company!

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