Why you need to book a bridal session

We’ve heard the argument between mother and daughter again and again about bridal portraits. Mom wants them done and daughter thinks they are outdated and unnecessary.

However, in this case – Mom is right.

Bridal portraits are important for several reasons:

Bridal Session at The Citadel on Kirby

Get comfortable.

Trust that you will be spending quite a bit of time with your photographer! Before, during, and after your wedding. Your photographer is one of the few vendors that you will still keep in touch with after your wedding day. A bridal session helps you and your photographer get to know each other and figure out what angles and poses work best for you.

Time and location!

You can take your time during your bridal session and get as creative as you want without having to think that you are holding up your groom or wedding guests on your day of! And nobody said your bridal portraits have to be at your wedding venue. You can choose another venue or take it outside for a boho vibe!

It gives you a chance to test your hair and makeup.

A hair and makeup test is normal, but the way it looks in your wedding dress with all of your accessories is totally different than in everyday clothing. We’ve gone to several bridal sessions and found that what the bride thought she wanted for her wedding day makeup doesn’t even scratch the surface of what she actually wants.

Plus, it makes Mom happy.

Mention this blog when booking your bridal portraits with Pixel Studio Productions in Houston, TX to receive a free print for Mom!

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