Katie & Spencer Wedding

Katie and Spencer’s love seems like the kind that was meant to endure. The persevering fire that waits to burst forth from the quiet reservoir, an ever-burning light that hangs in the sky long after this earthly world has passed away. After all, they say that love is patient.

Their story begins in the pivotal years between the end of high school and the beginning of college: the cusp between raging hormones and stabilized adulthood.

One of these particularly awkward teenage days, Katie and Spencer were both attending the same volleyball game. While looking out at the sea of people, Spencer spotted a blonde girl sitting on the bench, awaiting to be put in the game.

He had seen this particular figure before, as they both attended the same school, but there was something unique about today. His mind seemed to awake with a new sense of purpose: ask this girl out.

He found himself put in the same situations as her more often, as if the universe was pushing him to finally make the move. Yet fate veered another direction, in the form of his mother. With combined efforts, the two finally procured a date together. From there, they began to build a long-lasting friendship, which then slowly transformed into a mutual love and respect for each other.

In Christmas of 2012, Spencer and Katie traveled to New York with Spencer’s family. It was in front of the famous Christmas tree at the Rockefeller Center in the heart of the city, that Spencer asked Katie to be his wife.

Just like the patient love that endures between them, the two made the decision to wait until they were both done with school to finally have their special day. And after a year and a half of waiting, they finally shared their vows on June 7th, 2014.

Congratulations to Spencer and Katie! We wish you two a lifetime filled with endless bliss. As as any road worth taking will have it’s bumps and potholes, a deep-rooted love like yours that digs and twists into the foundation of life will ride out any storm.

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