Shafaq & Azhar

We here at Pixel Studios felt incredibly privileged to be apart of such an extensively lavish event that was Shafaq and Azhar’s wedding.

The first few nights the celebration was held at the family home, with delicately warm decorations adorning the interior, and a quiet dinner set up for the guests outside. The second night was a mehndi ceremony for the bride, which took an incredible amount of patience for her I might imagine: sitting in the same spot for 2 hours while strangers paint intricate designs on your hands all the way up to your elbows.

The result was breathtakingly gorgeous.

The third night the celebration moved to Safari Ranch, a fantastically versatile venue located in Richmond, Texas. Immediately upon entering, the guests were plunged into a fantasy-like atmosphere of low-hanging lanterns, diamond-like chandeliers, sheer, colorful cloths draping over plush cushions, all leading to the luxurious stage where the bride and groom could overlook the guests.

After dinner, the bride and groom entered separately with each their own parade of drummers and dancers. For the next few hours, the guests were treated to a series of dance routines prepared by their family and friends.

On the fourth night, the bride and groom’s official ceremony was held at the in a lush atmosphere: bright red flowers bursting from vases, crimson drapes hung romantically over tables with warm glowing candles. All of these exquisite decorations were done by Prashe at the Sugar Land Marriott.

Eventually, guests began to filter in and take their places in the grand hall awaiting the bride and groom to enter. Instead of a triumphant entrance like the previous night, the bride and groom entered slowly, each escorted by their parents.

Once they took their seats on stage, kindly words were shared by relatives and friends a like; teary-eyed smiles and warm congratulations for the beginning of a new life together.

The night ended in the bride’s parents ceremoniously leading her out of the room, representative of her fresh footsteps into a shared life with her new husband.

Congratulations Shafaq and Azhar! We wish you a blissful life together.

Pixel Studio Productions dedicates itself to a philosophy of masterful quality, whether it be shooting wedding videography, family portraits, or engagement photography, we strive to challenge ourselves and improve daily. We believe film and photo should be done in a dynamically creative, yet comfortable way. That’s why our team is a collection of some of the best wedding videographer and photographers in the Houston area! Cake provided by Edible Designs by Jessie. Event coordinated by Piper & Muse.


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