Vincent & Preeti

Each love is unique. There isn’t a specific formula or archetype for love. It is a concept that changes and adapts to each person, an amorphous idea constantly changing with time. But love also is transcendent, unchanging, inexorable: it endures.

In this day and age, many couples have begun to meet online. However, the online dating world is a strange game to play. Sifting through the countless profiles based on similar interests, or simply just through photos if you’re the more “take it or leave it” type.

Vincent came across Preeti’s profile one day and she immediately stood out to him. After the mundane process of perusing page after page, he found a girl that captured his attention. And after passing a few messages back and forth, the two began to develop a stronger connection and decided to meet in person.

Once they took their seats on stage, kindly words were shared by relatives and friends a like; teary-eyed smiles and warm congratulations for the beginning of a new life together.

The night ended in the bride’s parents ceremoniously leading her out of the room, representative of her fresh footsteps into a shared life with her new husband.

Congratulations Shafaq and Azhar! We wish you a blissful life together.

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Soon, the two were engaged.

Their wedding was a simple, and yet elegantly beautiful ceremony, filled with devotion and a love rooted deep in their shared religion.

It was a pleasure to watch the two start a life together, especially listening to tales of their relationship told by their hysterical friends. Only a love can truly be uplifted if one has good friends to share those stories with, or embarrass you with.

Congratulations Vincent and Preeti! May everyday be as amazing as this one you began together.

Vincent and Preti’s wedding was on September 21st at Tuscany Villa in Katy, Texas.

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