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With the holiday season right around the corner, families are planning when they need to get their portraits taken for the holiday cards, family newsletters or for social media purposes to show how the family has changed. These can highlight: a pregnancy, families coming together, new additions (like animals) or even the loss of a family member. You should always smile when it comes to these photos; you need to make it enjoyable for the rest of the family!


Enjoyable Experience 

With family photos, you need to make them as pleasant as possible for the whole family. Focus on making the pictures as comfortable as possible for the entire family! To make the photos more convenient for everyone; you can make each other laugh for the photographs and help each other with (clothing, hair, makeup, etc.) 

On the topic of smaller children photos done, parents should BRING SNACKS! If a child becomes too loud for the shoot, you can get them to calm down with some of their favorite snacks as a reward! 


For the wardrobe, you should color coordinate schemes of colors and patterns. We suggest necessarily not matching items for the photos and avoid clothing with logos and bulky items. Choose pieces of clothing that you will feel comfortable in as well depending on the weather & time of day you choose for pictures. When it comes to makeup, keep everything simple and your everyday look. You want the photos to look as natural as possible, so make sure you stick to your regimen but, you can get a little bit more made up for these shoots!

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