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by | Sep 13, 2019

houston lifestyle newborn photography alicia yarrish photography 26We all know capturing life’s joyous moments are items that we can hold on and cherish for a lifetime. So why not venture into newborn photoshoots for your littlest addition! There are so many options that you can choose from: lifestyle newborn, posed newborn, and in-home newborn photoshoots.

These photoshoots showcase the beauty of a tiny little being and can be a great reminder of how small they once were! Here are some easy tips and some photos from one of our photographers, Alicia, who is a pediatric nurse:

1. Baby Led Shoot

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Depending on how the baby is feeling, most shoots can last to two to three hours. Feeding the baby beforehand  (breastfeed or bottle-fed) equals the best results for photos! The baby will be very sleepy during the shoot; however, if you would like photos of the baby feeding during your session we can also do that!

2. What to Wear

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Stay away from red or green tones; stay with whites or light blues – intense color clothing will not look well with the photos. We suggest matching your home décor with your outfit choices so that way the pictures flow smoothly. If you would like your child to wear accessories, we’d suggest up to three changes of clothing items for the baby. Your child might be swaddled for most of the shoot; however, we’d like to capture them in the purest state (little spit-up stains & all!)

3. Picture Ideas

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It is best to have the pictures as realistic as possible; that way you can remember all the things that happened when they were so tiny. Some might be pictures of them in their nursery bedroom, living room and possibly parents’ bedroom. These are the areas where the baby will be spending most of their time, therefore it is nice to have little remembrances of these places. Other picture ideas include: with their siblings, with their first pets, up-close pictures of their hands/feet, and especially having some centered around just the father/baby and mother/baby.

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Want to know a little more about scheduling a lifestyle newborn session? Meet your lifestyle newborn photographer, Alicia!


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