Ways To Make Your Mother Feel Special on Your Wedding Day

It’s Mother’s Day this weekend and we’re celebrating the precious moments to share with your mom on your wedding day! Sure, it’s your day, but it’s a milestone for her as she watches her child leap into the married life. Our team of Houston wedding photographers composed this article to share the inspiration from our brides that adds a little appreciation to your mother to make your wedding day extra special!

Getting Ready


The moments spent before the ceremony are the moments she will remember too. Don’t get flustered if she’s being a typical mom, let her help you get ready!

Something Borrowed

As the tradition of mothers passing down their wedding gown is decreasing, you can still find ways to incorporate her special day into yours. If she’s willing to make a cut in her dress, you can easily stitch a small piece to the inside of your wedding dress! Or use the fabric as extra detailing around your bouquet.

If she isn’t ready to manipulate her wedding dress, you can always wear her wedding veil or a special piece of her jewelry. You need something borrowed anyway, right?

Let Her Walk You Down the Aisle

In typical tradition, the father-of-the-bride walks the bride down the aisle. Why not ask your mom to tag along? She’s giving you away just as much as your father, and it still shows the official tradition of receiving a blessing from the bride’s family to the groom.

First Look Photos

A lot of newlyweds are capturing first look photos (see more trends to copy in 2018) to capture the first time the groom sees his bride. This is also a great idea to do with your mother! Before you put the finishing touches of your look together, tell her to step out of the room, then go surprise her when you’re ready!

Dance With Her

There’s a first dance, a father-daughter dance, and a mother-son dance. Grooms, dedicate a special song to your mother as you invite her to dance. Brides, you can have a mother-daughter dance as well! Sharing this moment will make her evening even more special.

Every day is a chance to honor all mothers! They’ve helped us in all stages of life and supported us along the way. Mother’s at weddings, we salute you, for your kindness, your beauty, and for your love for your children. Happy Mother’s Day to all!

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